Daring Dames

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Life lessons from our foremothers strengths and shortcomings through their challenges and wisdom.

Written Portrait

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“It is essential to know our roots…for we are sacred blossoms that continue to bloom and branch off  the tree of life.”

 Shannon Hogan Cohen

My objective with these stories is to provide a collection of writing portraits that will offer morsels of wisdom in the form of insight, inspiration and life strategies from our foremothers. Unveiling the story within the story may encourage us to strive for a higher level of self by uniting their visions and influence through our own lives.

Allow me to share with you my mentors, the many historic women who came ahead of me on my journey and who have reached back and helped me with mine.  I became an adopted child of these wild women who were independent intellectuals who refused to conform themselves to the thinking of their times.  I have always felt a special closeness to the fearless females in my life, past and present. 

This familiarity in our storylines allowed for healing to begin by understanding someone has plodded down this path before me.  This support system and confidant emerged, someone who shared similar struggles and successes.  ​​Let’s discover and unveil these generational gifts from dynamic women of the past to reframe our experiences as dynamic women of the future.

Shannon Hogan Cohen